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Today our blog is lucky enough to host the beautiful Morgan Hunt of A Treasure Hunt Blog. I’ve known Morgan for years and have always admired her sense of style and fashion and after the past few months of following her blog I’ve come to realize that not only is she gorgeous, but she is also a witty and personable writer. She speaks on everything from fashion to diapers and muses on the fabulous details of her everyday life with her new baby son. I always admire her fashion inspiration boards and was SO excited when she agreed to share her fashion tips for family portraits with MEP clients and followers. This is the first of several posts on the subject and I couldn’t be more excited to get started, so without any further adieu…

Hi there! Morgan here from A TREASURE HUNT and sweet Megan has enlisted me to help come up with some fun family outfits! It can be so hard to figure out what to wear when it’s family photo time…especially when you have to dress yourself, your man, and your babies! I personally have laid in bed awake at night before a photo session making sure the outfits are just perfect. Over the next few weeks I will be putting together some family photo inspiration outfits that will look fabulous in Megan’s photographs.

I tend to start with one piece and then work from there. With this look, I first found this ADORABLE-beyond-words baby girl dress. It is so summery, light and airy and just perfect for spring. It is a simple silhouette but the red and blue embroidery make it pop and I really let those colors set the scene. From then on I worked my way out and used the colors of that dress in each of the other family member’s clothing. You do not want to have too many solids or too many different prints because it can make a fuss in the pictures. You want to be immediately drawn to your faces and expressions and not be distracted by crazy prints. This is a nice way to still have great color and pattern to pop out in the photos while keeping the focus on you!

Morgan’s Tips: Start with one patterned item. It does not really matter who is wearing the item just as long as only one or two people have the pattern/colorful print. It tend to try to go for a printed shirt, dress or an even an accessory like a crazy colorful summery scarf.

Then, work from there. Use the colors in that piece to set the tone and keep the prints minimal on the other family members.

In order to make the entire family not look TOO matchy-matchy, I like to thrown in one additional color that is not used anywhere else. A great place to do this would be with an accessory such as a necklace, tie, shoes, baby’s headband, etc. In this board, I added a hot pink bracelet to the mother’s look. Just a subtle hint of a new color to break up the red, white and blue a bit.

This has been so fun and I cannot wait to show you next week’s inspiration!

Dallas Family photo wardrobe inspiration

Mom: Chambray shirt // Skirt // Sandals // Necklace // Bracelet
Boy: Shirt // Shorts // Shoes
Baby girl: Dress // Sandals
Dad: Shirt // Pants

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